Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Day in Her Shoes..

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what it would be like to 'walk a mile' in the shoes of someone who is exactly where you would like to be career wise and when you grow up :) ? Well, here is your chance!

The She is Me Program, Inc. has partnered with The Garner Circle PR to give you the opportunity to have a behind the scenes look of the ins and outs of the public relations profession.

All you need to do is write and essay in 500 words or less about one of the following:

1) How would use public relations to impact society?

2) What is a social cause that you are passionate about and how would
you bring awareness to it?

3) If you were to meet yourself 20 years from now; who would 'you' be meeting?

You must also:

Be a high school senior in the metro Atlanta area  (or DeKalb, Fulton, Clayton, Cobb, Gwinnett counties).


Be a freshman in College.


 Be a member of The She is Me Program (if not already a member).
 To become a member, simply click here.

This window of opportunity runs from December 1, 2010-January 15, 2011.

**Entries must be received by January 15, 2011**

Please email your essay to

Questions? Contact us

Good Luck!

Friday, November 12, 2010

We.Stop.Hate. With Emily-Anne Rigal

Meet Emily-Anne Rigal, a 16 year old girl that is on a mission to "stop hate". She is pretty, smart, driven, and ppassionate about social change and youth empowerment. Emily is also the founder and director of A program that is raising teen-esteem through the power of online videos and social media. Above is one of her many videos, which by the way has had over 35,000 views on a channel that has 6,500 loyal teen subscribers--> talk about positive influence! We had a change to chat with this phenomenal social change agent to get to know her a little bit more.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Teach Me How to Study!

Callling All {Black} Girls & Girls of the World Who Rock!

I am a Black girl. My life is important. I am the continuation of a history, legacy, and tradition of powerful people. The lives of my foremothers now have meaning through me. I stand today because of who they were.

I am a Black girl. My presence is essential. I am a demonstration of the past, an inspiration for the future, and I represent the unlimited possibilities of the present moment.

I am a Black girl. I have a voice. I say the important things that need to be said. I do not waste my voice on gossip, slander, or disrespect of myself, my sisters, or other people. I know the power of the spoken word and I use my words wisely.

I am a black girl. I know my worth. I hold myself in high esteem because I value who I am. I treat myself with loving care, respect and honor. I honor and hold sacred my mind, my body and my heart.

I am a Black girl. I am committed and confident. I am committed to a future that holds great possibilities for me, my family and the world. As I move confidently into my next most appropriate steps, I am inspired by life and I inspire others.

I am a Black girl. I have a vision for myself and a vision for my life. It is a vision anchored in love, propelled by integrity and advanced by faith. I am committed to learning how I can improve all aspects of myself so that I will be the best me I can be.

I am a Black girl. I am not intimidated by anyone or anything. I bow to no one and nothing save my Creator. I move with elegance, grace and ease, effortlessly accomplishing all that I set my heart and mind to do when it serves my highest and greatest good.

I am a Black girl. My life is connected to a loving Creator who protects and guides me at all times. Therefore, I am humble and honorable; patient and powerful; focused and flexible; determined and dynamic; loved and loving.

I AM a Black girl. I say it, therefore, I am it!
I AM life overflowing!
I AM success manifesting!
I AM confidence in action!
I AM fearless and free!
I AM commitment that moves obstacles!
I AM inspiration unfolding!
I AM Pure Love!
I am a Black girl and I Rock!

-Iyanla Vanzant

Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Girls Rock!

I remember when I first learned about the organization Black Girls Rock Inc., I was like "wow, what a neat organization with a fabulous name. That was a few years ago. Last nigt I watched to Black Girls Rock awards special on BET. I think (if my memory serves me correctly) this is the first time on television that black women were celebrated for their positive contributions to society while at the same time empowering and inspiring young black girls. I'm glad to see that BET finally put something of substance on their channel.

About Black Girls Rock Inc.:

BLACK GIRLS ROCK! INC. is a 501c3 nonprofit, youth empowerment mentoring organization
established as a reaction to the often seen negative images consistently imprinted upon Black women expressly in mass media. BLACK GIRLS ROCK! INC.’s mission is to encour- age positive life-changing activity and critical thinking through the arts for “at risk” teenage women of color to help foster their dreams of a better tomorrow without comprising their integrity and self-worth today. By speaking to the next generation of young women of color during their formative years on issues of self-worth, goals, and aspirations, and the images of women in our present day culture, the organization reinforces the message that young women need not objectify themselves or relinquish their autonomy. BLACK GIRLS ROCK! seeks to build the self-esteem and self-worth of young women of color by changing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons, and helping them to empower themselves.The name alone is an AFFIRMATION! BLACK GIRLS ROCK! has boldly taken on the crisis of our female youth of color here in America head on and understands the need for positive self-images and a strong sense of awareness. WE SEE SOLUTIONS.

Monday, November 1, 2010

College Readiness Tip for the Month: Go to Class

Even if your professor does not take attendance it is extremely important to go to class, after all that is why your going to college right? So you are probably thinking, “duh..of course I’m going to go to class”..but I say this because in college you are given so much more freedom compared to high school. Some professors do not take role, they “assume” that you will be in attendance or that you are responsible enough to study independently in the event that you are not able to make it to class. Because you have so much freedom it will be tempting for you to skip a few classes here and there…but be warned it will catch up with you. In college everything you learn in each day of class is the foundation of something else, and you will always find yourself trying to catch up on reading assignments. And then finals week comes up and you find yourself up for 24 hours trying to catch up..It’s not fun.