Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Reality Revolution Indeed!

Let's face it. As much as we love to hate reality television, it is not going anywhere. And there is not much we can do to make the quality of reality TV better--or is there? There IS something we can do my friends!! :-) Friend and supporter of She is Me and NAACP award winning actor Kaira Akita is on a mission to enrich our entertainment experience with her new production company Reality Revolution.

 Reality Revolution is a media & social action company that creates entertaining, provocative, and inspiring reality TV and social action campaigns that put women, minorities, spirituality, and complex social issues in a fresh new light. RAISING ROSES, their first reality show in development, will transform the lives of teen bad girls and we will hold our first event(s) for teen girls in 2013. In Raising Roses, a super team of fabulous, self-made women join forces with a celebrity host to go toe-to-toe with teenage bad girls and transform them on all levels. 

This project need OUR support..and when we GIVE we GET :).

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Using the The Media and the Arts for Good: Willow Smith- 'I AM ME'

Check out this new video and song  by Willow Smith called "I Am Me". Who said music can't be inspiring?
Here are some of the lyrics: 
I’m meee, I’m mee, and that’s all I can be
I’m meee, I’m eee, it’s my one ability
I’m free
and you can’t stop meee,
I’m meee, I’m free, and that’s all I can be

Monday, October 3, 2011

Come Mingle With Us: Black Celebrity Giving Atlanta

Come join us at SHOUT! tomorrow October 4th for the Black Celebrity Giving Atlanta Meet Up
The purpose of the meet up is  "to meet, network, and mingle with local non-profits in the Atlanta area . Learn more about Black Celebrity Giving: our mission, our goals and what we want to do help nonprofits all over the world."

To RSVP click HERE

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Case You Missed it...Freshman 101

About a week ago we held a Twitter Chat for our twitter followers called "She is Me Freshman 15". We gave 15 tips that will be helpful to college freshman. Check them out below!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meet Shalee Forney..She's Pretty Smart!

For the longest women and girls have had to convince society that we CAN be both intelligent and beautiful. That is exactly why The She is Me Program, Inc™ has launched the
Pretty Smart Campaign™.

Meet Shalee Forney...

SIMP: During your time at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, what is one of the biggest lessons your learned about college?
SF: One of the biggest lessons I learned about college while being at UNC-G was the value of diversity. Looking around and seeing a very diverse community made you appreciate life more. Some of us are used to being confined within our own communities, but college allows you to broaden your horizons. I learned that the world is not black and white, but multicolored. It has became something that I have grown to appreciate. I can say that it prepared me for the real world.

SIMP: Tell us about the work you do with Project Tomorrow?
SF: Project Tomorrow will consist of preparing young people for a tomorrow by instilling HOPE for a tomorrow. Some have grown to believe in having to become a product of their environments and do not believe in a tomorrow. My goal is to give them something to look forward to and to encourage them to believe in a tomorrow. Whether we are here or not, tomorrow will come. By doing so, there will be an encouragement for education, intense mentoring, volunteering, "after-high school" programs, and work related training. Things that will give young people courage and ways to look forward for tomorrow and how to prepare for their future.

SIMP: What do you think makes young women "Pretty Smart"?
SF: I think the inner-man or in this case, the inner -"woman" makes a woman pretty smart. Being a beautiful person on the inside first and having a heart to serve and help others. Also, having a drive and motivation to pursue anything that you set your mind to.